What Are the Benefits of Coffee?


Some interesting information about the effects coffee has on your energy and other health benefits.


Ask any coffee lover and they will tell you, there is no greater taste than a steaming hot cup of joe on an early morning, in the afternoon, or pretty much any time of day.


There’s no denying it, coffee is great. It tastes good and helps some of us face a long day of work!


But is coffee really that good for you?


Your standard black coffee contains next to no calories and includes several nutrients. So, we are here to discuss some of the hidden benefits of coffee.


Effects of coffee on your energy levels


When consumed in moderation, it has been found that the caffeine content in coffee can boost energy levels and help some people feel more awake.


This is why we drink it, right? To get out of that dreadful morning slump and prepare for the day ahead.


That initial boost of energy you feel after drinking a cup of coffee comes from the effect that caffeine has on your brain. This is because caffeine is a stimulant.

When you drink a cup of coffee, the caffeine is absorbed into your bloodstream and travels up to your brain. From here, the caffeine slows down the adenosine which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter (meaning it promotes sleep and suppresses arousal).


This results in a rise of adrenaline and other stimulating hormones which boosts energy levels. Which is why some people find they feel more alert and awake after drinking a coffee.


Drinking coffee can also help to increase exercise performance.


Does coffee benefit your mood?


Caffeine releases dopamine, which is essentially the feel-good chemical in our brain. This type of neurotransmitter boosts pleasure and reward.


Plus, coffee suppresses the sleepy neurotransmitter (adenosine) and creates more adrenalin. This combined with the enhanced dopamine increases positivity, which is why some people feel a raise in their mood after drinking a cup of coffee. 


Picture two people smiling and enjoying a cup of coffee


Can coffee boost metabolism?


Your metabolism refers to the process in which your body turns food into energy. Some people have a higher metabolism than others, which can be caused by many factors.


When consumed consistently, coffee can help to regulate your metabolism.

As we all know by now, coffee includes caffeine which is a stimulant. It helps boost energy levels and can even encourage your body to burn fat.


Hence why caffeine can be found in many fat-burning and weight loss supplements.


In addition to this, coffee also contains the compound chlorogenic acid, which is an antioxidant. Chlorogenic acid can help to slow down the release of glucose into the bloodstream after eating.


Yes, drinking coffee can benefit your metabolic rate, but this can slow down in the long run. Healthline suggest that factors such as age, weight and tolerance can reduce the impact coffee may have on your metabolism.

It is important to note that coffee is not the answer to maintaining a good metabolism and will not be the answer for someone who intends to lose weight! However, in moderation, it can aid a healthy balanced diet and increase energy levels for working out.


Health benefits of coffee


If you notice you feel more alert, a little happier and more energetic after drinking coffee, then you may also be curious to know what else this wonderous substance can do for you.


There is still much more research that needs to be carried out, however, some studies have found evidence that drinking coffee can have additional health benefits.

Coffee may help to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. This can potentially be due to the antioxidants that are found in coffee, as well as its effect on calorie burning among certain individuals.

Some research has suggested that coffee may be tied to lower rates of other diseases, such as certain cancers, heart disease and Parkinson’s disease. Visit Health for more information.



While coffee is great, it isn’t magic. As the NHS explains, the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle includes exercising regularly and eating a varied, balanced diet.


So, is coffee good for you?


Of course, with all great things, too much of it can be bad for you and coffee does have a high caffeine content which is something to consider if you think you drink too much coffee. However, drinking coffee in moderation is okay and could even have some benefits.

Maybe here at Daily Barista we will try our own experiment and monitor our moods and activities during a week of drink coffee regularly. Then compare the results to a week without coffee. Oh, goodness. A week without coffee. We’ll have to think about that one!



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