Which Automatic Cappuccino Machine Should You Buy?


A coffee lover’s guide to finding the best machine for getting an automatic cappuccino

We compare 3 different models and give you our top choice


Do you wish you could roll out of bed and have a frothy, milky, delicious cappuccino in your hands in less than 5 minutes (don’t we all)?


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With an automatic cappuccino machine, you could get some extra shut-eye and wake up to the beautiful aroma of freshly brewed coffee in your own home.


But what is the best cappuccino maker to get?


Use this guide to find out more about automatic coffee machines, the top picks and of course, which automatic cappuccino machine we think is best for you.

Use the contents below to jump to a specific section, or keep reading to find out all you need to know about automatic cappuccino machines.


What are Automatic Cappuccino Machines?


Automatic coffee machines are as simple as their name suggests. They provide you with your favourite coffee at the touch of a button.

You will no longer need to wait in long queues at cafés, or hope that the barista made sense of your super-complex order.


Many automatic cappuccino machines have various settings for you to customise milk, temperature, coffee strength and more!


How do they work?


They are quick, easy to use and make quality coffee. But how?


These machines are made to give you a break. The most amount of work you’ll need to do is fill the machine with coffee and water, and press a few buttons.



Good automatic cappuccino machines have:

• Coffee storage
• Grinder
• Water tank
• Brewing system
• And some form of milk frothing system (essential for a good cappuccino).



Automatic coffee machines come in varying levels:

• Semi-automatic
• Fully automatic
• Super-automatic (yes, this is a thing)



Now, while each type of coffee machine has the potential for you to have a perfect cappuccino. The more advanced the automatic cappuccino machine, the less work you will have to put in! Although, that’s not to say you will need to spend more money! It is all about what you are looking for in a decent cappuccino machine.


So, you don’t necessarily need to pick the most advanced machine on the market. Each type has its pros and cons. We’ll cover this further down.


Different types of automatic machines


So, you are looking for an automatic cappuccino machine, right? Well, do you know the differences between fully automatic coffee machines and semi-automatic ones?


They both have their advantages and disadvantages.


Picture showing comparison between fully and semi-automatic.


The milk frother is one of the key aspects of a great cappuccino machine. Make sure you pick something with a good-quality steam wand or some sort of milk-frothing function!


The Best Cappuccino Machines

Now you know what style of coffee machine you are looking for, let’s browse some of the different models:


De’Longhi Magnifica
  • Integrated grinder
  • 7 grind settings
  • Two cup option
  • Adjustable settings
  • Manual milk frothing
  • Bean-to-cup
  • Cup warmer
  • Auto shutoff
  • Large machine
Fully Automatic
Sage Nespresso Creatista
  • One-touch coffee
  • Completely automatic
  • 3-second heat up time
  • Includes milk jug
  • Auto milk frothing
  • Plenty of milk settings
  • Nespresso pods
  • Mid-size machine
De’Longhi PrimaDonna Elite
  • Integrated grinder
  • Two cup option
  • Customisable settings
  • Touch screen menu
  • App controls
  • lced coffee option
  • Saves your recipes
  • Auto milk frothing
  • Bean-to-cup
  • Large machine



De’Longhi Magnifica


Picture of silver semi-automatic cappuccino machine.


The Magnifica is a staple De’Longhi coffee machine. It is semi-automatic and makes a range of coffee shop drinks.

Check out our blog post Coffee Drinks Explained to find out how your favourite drink is made.


This is a bean-to-cup coffee machine, meaning it does everything from storing fresh coffee beans to grinding and extraction. There are many grind settings, so you can adjust flavour and intensity.


The settings are easy to use and give you plenty of room to make coffees that suit your preferences.


One of the benefits that makes it a suitable automatic cappuccino machine is that the steam wand is manual. You can froth milk to your desired temperature and texture – extra frothy cappuccino here we come!


Don’t worry if your coffee making skills aren’t quite barista-level, because this coffee machine includes a panarello style milk frother.


Picture showing a black panarello milk steaming wand.


You’ll see that this is a chunkier steam wand compared to other (manual) coffee machines. The style of a panarello makes it easier for you to get that perfectly frothy cappuccino milk every time.


Other useful features


There is a large drip tray which is useful for spillages. Plus, the drip tray and inner brewing unit can be taken out for easy cleaning.


The bean hopper stores up to 200g of coffee beans and the removable water tank holds 1.8 litres of water.


Aside from its features for making perfect cappuccinos, this machine creates a range of other coffee shop favourites, including long black americano, latte and more.


The Magnifica makes an excellent semi-automatic coffee machine. It is affordable and can be adjusted to make the perfect cappuccino for you (and your guests). While it is semi-automatic, having additional control over the milk is useful when making cappuccinos, as you’ll want it nice and frothy. For the price, you will get a quality automatic cappuccino machine.


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Sage Nespresso Creatista


Picture of fully automatic Nespresso machine.


At Daily Barista, we don’t often talk about Nespresso coffee machines. However, since we are reviewing a range of automatic cappuccino machines, we wanted to give you an exact judgement of different brands and types of machines for making cappuccinos.


The Nespresso Creatista would make an ideal cappuccino maker for busy individuals.


There are a range of settings on this machine, for coffee extraction and milk. You can easily adapt these settings using the screen on top of the machine. It allows you to create a variety of coffee shop drinks to your ideal standard.


This compact machine has 8 texture setting and 11 temperature settings for milk, making it a favourable automatic cappuccino machine. You will get to choose how you enjoy your cappuccino milk.


It even comes with its own steel jug for the complete barista experience.


It is important to note that since this is a Nespresso machine, you won’t be able to use fresh coffee beans. You will have to buy Nespresso pods. This can make the upkeep of the coffee machine a little more expensive, and it limits your choice of coffee.


Nespresso machines can be extremely bad for the environment, which is one of the reasons we encourage people to choose a bean-to-cup coffee machine instead. There are ways of making your coffee pod machine more eco-friendly. Check out our article for best compostable coffee pods.


Ultimately, if you want a decent cup of coffee in the morning, and aren’t too fussed about the technical side of things, then the Sage Nespresso Creatista is the machine for you. It is mid-range price and fully automatic.


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