Are Coffee Machines Worth it?


A few key points to consider when deciding if you should buy a coffee machine for your kitchen.


Traditionally (and stereotypically), the British nation is renowned for being avid tea drinkers. But in recent times, according to Statista, 79% of UK consumers are drinking coffee 7 days a week.


There’s no doubt about it, that in the UK, coffee culture is on the rise. The Guardian has reported that consumers are expected to spend over £4 billion on high street coffee shops this year.


While these statistics are interesting (and probably not that surprising to some of the hardcore coffee fans out there), we can all agree that nothing beats the fresh aroma and the warmth of a strong cup of coffee to start your day.


Well, what if you could get that perfect barista standard coffee without having to queue in line every day or spend excess money on the coffee vending machines at work?


Buying a coffee machine for your home may solve all of these problems but with prices ranging from as little as £180 to over £2000, it is no surprise you are confused and want to do a little research first. You may be thinking to yourself, is it worth it though?

Man working in background with coffee machine on side

Things you should know first:

  • You will save more money buying a coffee machine because you will be able to make all your favourite coffee shop drinks at home – so no more wasting money at overpriced cafés!


  • The right machine can provide you with great quality coffee (sometimes even better than your local coffee shop) because you can tailor everything to your own specific tastes.


  • You won’t be adding to the growing number of disposable paper cups – this is great for the environment.


  • You can literally wake up and get a barista standard coffee without having to leave your house. Some machines even have an app, so you can order your drink right from your phone.


  • If you have specific taste preferences, then a manual bean-to-cup machine may be the best option for you as it allows the most freedom over customisation. However, many automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines do have very flexible settings for this.


  • If you are a busy person and want your coffee quickly, then an automatic bean-to-cup machine may be better suited to you.


  • Coffee pod machines are relatively cheap to buy initially, however the upkeep of buying pods makes these machines more expensive in the long run – not to mention they are shocking for the environment!

Are you interested in buying a coffee machine for your home?


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