Top Eco-Friendly Coffee Pod Brands for Nespresso Machines

Learn how you can enjoy your morning coffee while reducing your carbon footprint

Concerned about how your coffee habits could impact climate change? There is plenty you can do about it and don’t worry, you won’t have to give up coffee! 


Daily Barista are here to show you where to get biodegradable, reusable and other eco-friendly coffee pods for your Nespresso machine.


Check out a range of sustainable coffee pod brands on Amazon.


Sharing our love for coffee



There’s no denying that the UK population love a hot beverage. But are the tea-drinking days behind us?


According to the British Coffee Association in the UK, we consume around 95 million cups of coffee a day!


Plus, coffee pods are becoming more popular among coffee drinkers.


What are coffee pod machines?


There are countless ways to make a cup of coffee, French press, bean-to-cup and let’s not forget the classic instant coffee.


Another method that’s on the rise, is using coffee pod machines.


These machines use specific pods that contain ground coffee and other ingredients to create your desired drink. You simply choose your drink, pop one of the pods into the machine and press the button.



So, you can imagine why they are becoming more popular right?



This method of brewing is much quicker than using a French press or other techniques. It is ideal for people (like most of us) who have busy lives and require an instant boost.



The downfall is that many of these coffee pods are NOT eco-friendly.



The vast majority of coffee pods are made out of plastic and other non-sustainable materials that can’t be recycled – especially if they have old coffee grounds left in them!


Let’s say that you drink one coffee a day, that means that there are potentially 365 used pods that end up in landfill or the ocean each year! Plus, Statista has shown that many of us in the UK drink more than one cup a day (no judgements here), but it isn’t very eco-friendly if you’re using plastic coffee pods.



Even more pods could end up in landfill.



There is plenty we can do about this and like we said – it doesn’t include giving up coffee, phew!


Eco-friendly coffee pods


Lucky for us, there are companies out there that have already picked up on the worrying effects that coffee pods can have on the environment.


There are brands that now sell reusable coffee pods and others claim their pods are completely biodegradable.



Let’s take a look at some of them





Image of 100% compostable Nespresso pods from the brand Grind. Simple packaging with the brand name in bold text.

One of the most popular eco-friendly coffee pod brands on the market is Grind. They offer a range of compostable coffee pods that are compatible with an Original Nespresso machine.


Grind claim that their pods are compostable, vegan and organic. They come in a recyclable tin (which is stylish and could be repurposed after using!). Plus, they offer a range of House Blend, Black Blend or Decaf Blend coffee.


These pods can be bought as a one-off purchase or delivered to your door every month with a coffee subscription!


Alternatively, you can purchase Grind organic pods on Amazon. They have the 3 staple blends (Black, House and Decaf), plus you can buy in bulk and get a box of 60 or even 100!


*Click here for price


Roar Gill


Image of sustainable coffee pods by the brand Roar Gill. The image shows their starter pack which contains 4 boxes of different coffee blends.


Another hot brand that offers sustainable coffee pods is Roar Gill. They have a list of great principles for carrying out a sustainable and ethical business approach.


They have said that their pods are 100% compostable and they apply a carbon-neutral approach to creating the coffee pod capsules. Plus, they use recyclable packaging.


Their Nespresso compatible pods come in different ranges, including a decaf range and you can order as little as 10 pods or as many as 120!

Check out Roar Gill for more information.





Image shows the Halo coffee pod brand. There are three boxes stacked on top of one another, on the side you can see a couple of the biodegradable coffee capsules.


Moving on to Halo coffee. They offer Nespresso compatible, compostable coffee pods that can be delivered fresh to your door.


Halo offers a range of intensities such as Strong, Medium and Mild. They also have 8 different blends, including decaf options as well.


Halo’s eco-friendly pods can be bought as a one-off purchase, or a rolling subscription. They also offer different quantities for whatever you need.


Another bonus from Halo is their sustainable gift cards, made from recycled materials and seeds. Great for a sustainable coffee gift.


Check out Halo to find out more.



Blue Goose


Image of Blue Goose eco-friendly capsules for Nespresso machines. The image shows a bundle of 4 blends, including a decaf option.


Blue Goose have a range of eco coffee pods that are suitable with ‘Traditional Drop Through’ Nespresso machines.


They have 4 collections, including Organic Peruvian, Ethiopian, Lungo and Swiss Water (decaf). If you are unable to decide between the flavours, you can choose to buy the whole collection.


These pods are said to be compostable and biodegradable, with no aluminium or plastic.


You can check out the range on Amazon.


*Check price here



Sons of Amazon


Image of fairtrade, recyclable coffee pods from the brand Sons of Amazon.


Sons of Amazon are not only strong on coffee but strong on ethics – they say their beans are ethically sourced and traceable.


Their coffee pods are eco-friendly and 100% compostable to prevent ocean pollution and landfill build-up.


You can buy Sons of Amazon compostable coffee pods in a bag of 40 and they are also Nespresso compatible. Plus, the outer packaging can be recycled in a plastic recycling bin.


*Buy from Amazon


Other sustainable coffee options


Now, there will always be issues surrounding sustainability in any industry. The only way we can live in a completely sustainable world is if we follow the circular economy theory and don’t waste any materials.


The best thing we can do is to be conscious of our consumer habits and look at more eco-friendly alternatives.


A bean-to-cup coffee machine will offer you a way to make coffee without using pods, take a look at our reviews to find out more about barista-style coffee.


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