25 Gifts for Coffee Lovers


Take a look at some of the best quirky coffee gifts along with practical and unique ideas.


Brands include Wittard of Chelsea, Nespresso and De’Longhi


Christmas is just around the corner, and while we’ve all been enjoying the seasonal coffee drinks, it is now time to start thinking about gifts for family and friends.


Since most of Daily Barista’s readers are coffee enthusiasts we must say, you should beware as you might end up going on a little shopping spree for yourself (we don’t blame you).


So, grab a large frothy, festive coffee and read on for our top gifts for coffee lovers!

Practical Gifts for Coffee Lovers


Below Daily Barista have listed some of the most practical coffee-related gifts you could think of. From a travel cup that has an integrated French press system, to mini Nespresso machines and more!


1. The Coffee Lover’s Gift Box Whittard of Chelsea

Image of gift box filled with coffee gifts. There is a copper French Press and fresh ground coffee presented next to a rustic box, plus you can see some chocolate coated coffee beans spilling out of the gift set.

If you are on a budget, then this gift box for coffee lovers (also from Whittard) would make an ideal present, while keeping with the luxury appeal.


It comes with a stunning copper cafetière, San Agustin Columbian coffee (medium roast), and some chocolate-covered espresso beans.


This gift would make a great starting set for anyone who loves freshly brewed coffee. Plus, the cafetière makes up to 3 cups worth of coffee, so you’ll be in for a treat next time you’re invited round for coffee!


Great starter gift set for anyone who loves coffee!


See price here


2. Coffees of the World Gift Set

Picture of 9 different types of coffee in a gift set.

Travel the world with your morning brew.


First up, we have chosen this coffee gift set from Whittard of Chelsea. It is one of their best-selling gift sets, and you can see why just from looking at how beautiful it is.


With a variety of coffees from around the globe, this set will make a wonderful gift for coffee lovers that enjoy trying new flavours. You will get a mixture of light, medium and dark roasted coffee, all pre-ground and suitable for many brewing methods.


Lucky recipients can expect to enjoy around 36 cups from this set.


Plus, this item is vegan and vegetarian friendly for anyone wondering.


See price here


3. Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine

Picture of mini Nespresso coffee machine in black. You can see coffee pouring into a clear cup in the image.

Is there someone in your life who is still faffing around with a French Press or perhaps they don’t even have time to make a coffee in the morning?


Well, this ultra-compact Nespresso machine would make a practical present for a busy person who loves good coffee.


The Essenza Mini is compatible with a range of Nespresso capsules (it comes with a welcome set when you buy), plus the machine offers two cup sizes to suit different coffee preferences.


It is super slim, which will fit nicely into any kitchen and it comes in black, white or grey.


A practical gift for under £100.


Check price on Amazon


4. VAVA Electric Milk Frother


Picture of an electrical milk frother. The device looks like a jug which attaches to a heating device (similar to a kettle), this enables you to heat up milk.

Cappuccino lovers would be thrilled with this quirky coffee gadget that allows you to create steamed or frothy milk for a range of café style drinks.


You can heat up or create hot frothy milk – there is even an option to make cold frothy milk (ideal for milkshakes and iced lattes).


The jug contains indicator guides, so you add just the right amount of milk!


Perfect for cappuccino lovers.


See price here


5. Travel French Press / Coffee Mug

Image of a tall travel mug with an integrated French Press system.

Yes, you read correctly, this is a travel mug with a built-in French Press system. You can literally make fresh coffee on the go!


Now if that isn’t a gift suitable for a coffee lover, we don’t know what is.


Unique coffee-related gift under £20.


Click here for price


6. De’Longhi Dedica Espresso Machine Starter Set


Picture of the De'Longhi Dedica espresso machine in red, with a separate grinder and descaler set.


This De’Longhi Dedica starter pack is a perfect gift for the ultimate coffee lover.


This set has all of the equipment you need to make a range of favourite coffee shop drinks, including espressos, cappuccinos and café lattes.


The start-up set includes the De’Longhi Dedica espresso machine, which comes in red, black or silver. It is a slim design (perfect to fit in smaller kitchens). There are a range of settings to give users the chance to tailor the coffee to their taste preference, as well as a milk frother to create steamed frothy milk for any desired drink.


Along with the machine, the starter pack includes a De’Longhi coffee bean grinder and descaler tablets to keep the Dedica in top condition.


This machine is perfect for coffee enthusiasts that are looking to expand their coffee skills and test out new brewing methods.


Click here for price


7. BODUM Black 4 Cup French Press

Picture showing the black French Press from Bodum.

If you know someone that enjoys lots and lots of coffee, then this 4-cup French Press will be a very suitable gift.


Similar to other French Press coffee makers from Bodum, this one uses heat resistant glass, a stainless steel filter and it has a safety lid.


The coffee maker is easy to use and has a sleek, modern appearance.


Modern coffee maker for under £20


See price here


8. The World Atlas of Coffee Book by James Hoffmann


Picture of The World Atlas of Coffee book cover.


The World Atlas of Coffee, was written by World Barista Champion, James Hoffmann.


This luxury book explores the culture of coffee and everything that goes into a good brew. Hoffmann explores coffee varieties, brewing methods and takes a look at coffee production across different countries.


Who wouldn’t want to learn from a pro barista?


This book is packed full of information and culture. It would make a great addition to a coffee fanatics collection.


Buy this book on Amazon


9. Typhoon Tea, Coffee & Sugar Storage Set


Image of the Typhoon tea, coffee and sugar storage set.

Next up, is this Typhoon tea, coffee and sugar storage set in grey. They would make a stunning household gift for someone who takes pride in their hot beverages.


Not to mention, these would go well with the Swan espresso machine which is also on this long list of gift ideas!


They have a modern, sleek design, with silver embossed labels and bamboo lids. The storage capacity is 1 litre, which will hold plenty.


This will make a modern homeware gift.


See price here


Quirky Coffee Gifts


This section includes a list of funky and unique gift ideas that would surprise any coffee lover.


10. Quirky Colourful Guitar Teaspoon Collection


7 colourful teaspoons in the shape of mini guitars.

Do you know someone who loves music and equally enjoys a hot beverage?


Well, these quirky guitar spoons can be bought as a stocking filler or even a secret Santa gift. They are fun, unique and you get 7 different colours to spice up your cutlery drawer.


These luxury looking teaspoons are versatile and can be used for stirring coffee, cocktails, or eating a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.


Ideal secret Santa gift or stocking filler under £10.


Check price on Amazon


11. Creative Tops Initial Mug

Picture of lots of mugs with different patterns and and initials on them.

Everyone loves a new mug, especially those who are regularly drinking out of one! An initial coffee cup would be a great gift, especially for someone living in a busy house or working in an office. Now they can claim the mug as their own with their initial stamped on it.


You could even get a pair of mugs for a ‘couples’ gift.


One of these stunning mugs would make a great accompanying gift with the BODUM French Press.


They are affordable, elegant and come in a range of designs, which would make a stunning addition to someone’s cupboard.


Check price here


12. Friends Central Perk Lego Minifigure Setup


TV show Friends Lego set. The picture shows the Central Perk studio in Lego form. It has all of the main characters and details.


Lego fans and Friends fans alike would love this Lego Central Perk studio.


Could this setup be anymore nostalgic?


This Lego set is a replica of the famous coffee shop where our favourite Friends characters hung out daily.


This set features the iconic café setup, with all the details spot-on. Plus, it includes 7-minifigures resembling Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Gunther.


This Lego set is such a quirky gift that any Friends fan would love. They can build the Lego set, then sit back with a lovely cup of coffee and admire the nostalgia.


Quirky gift idea, for ultimate Friends and Lego fans.


Buy from Amazon


13. Swan Retro Pump Espresso Machine


Picture of the Swan espresso machine in grey.

Get someone the gift of barista-style coffee at home with the Swan retro pump espresso machine.


This affordable coffee machine is an ideal first-time machine for someone getting into the exciting world of coffee.


The Swan coffee machine is compatible with ground coffee, and it has an external wand for heating milk. It is a compact machine, perfect for smaller kitchens and it comes in a range of stylish colours (our personal favourite is grey).


Retro-looking coffee machine for under £100.


Click here for price


14. AeroPress Coffee Maker


Image of the AeroPress coffee maker set, with filters and a measuring spoon.


Make perfect coffee quick and easy.


The AeroPress is a handy coffee-making tool to have. It is affordable and uses a pressurised mechanism to create rich espressos in under a minute.


Using freshly ground coffee and simple techniques, you can brew your coffee straight into your cup. Plus, the AeroPress is compact and portable, which is ideal for someone who enjoys travelling but still wants to enjoy quality coffee.


This set is a must-have for anyone who loves strong, fresh coffee with full flavour.


Buy from Amazon


15. Festive Flavoured Coffee Set Whittard of Chelsea

Picture showing Whittard of Chelsea festive ground coffee set. The three stack tin is full of warm colours and patterns.

Coffee enthusiasts would be in awe of this festive flavoured coffee set.


The three flavours include: Gingerbread, Maple Syrup and Cinnamon. This seasonal combination is perfect for warming you up on a chilly winter afternoon. The coffee comes ground and is suitable for many brewing methods.


Create an array of festive drinks from warming spiced lattes, to sweet cappuccinos.


You can expect to get about 15 cups from this set. Plus, after the coffee has finished, the colourful tins can be reused, which is a bonus.


Affordable Christmas coffee set for under £20


Check price


Under £15!


Looking to grab a bargain for your loved ones this Christmas? Well, here we have picked out some great coffee gifts that are under £15.


16. Coffee Syrups Gift Set – MONIN


Photo of gift box containing 5 mini coffee syrups.


Sweet-tooth coffee lovers would love this gift.


Monin Syrups are used by many professional baristas to create a range of your favourite speciality coffees. Caramel latte, vanilla cappuccino, and so many more!


This set includes the following flavours: Caramel, Vanilla, Gingerbread, Hazelnut, and Amaretto. Some of these flavours can add a tasty festive twist to a basic-everyday coffee.


Gingerbread is perfect for a Christmas latte, while hazelnut makes hot chocolates extra festive!


Get the set here


17. rCUP Sustainable Travel Coffee Cup


Picture of grey speckled and yellow sustainable travel coffee cup. it is shaped like a funnel, with a flat lit.


The rCUP is the first brand to make sustainable travel mugs from recycled single-use coffee cups! They are stylish and come in a range of colours.


These travel mugs use a unique lid system which lets you drink from any part of the lid (not through a little sippy hole), plus it is 100% leak-proof. Their thermal technology keeps your coffee warm for up to 1 hour and 20 minutes.


The rCUP will make a popular gift idea for coffee lovers who care about the environment.


Click here for price


18. Caffé Intenso Roast Ground Coffee (4 pack)


Photo of 4 packs of the Caffe Intenso ground coffee.

This strong, aromatic ground coffee, from Happy Belly, is suitable for a range of brewing methods. It would make a thoughtful gift for coffee lovers that enjoy a rich blend.


With hints of dark chocolate and oriental spices, this intense coffee will make a warming brew even on the coldest of mornings.


The Caffé Intenso comes as a pack of 4 on Amazon.


Coffee gift under £10


Buy now from Amazon


19. Coffee Art: Creative Coffee Designs for the Home Barista

Photo of the coffee art book cover.

Home baristas and barista wannabes will love this book, filled with latte art tutorials. Starting with the basics and then delving into unique, fun designs that anyone can achieve.


Learn how to free pour, stencil and create perfect coffees without having to leave the house.


Would make a great secret Santa gift for under £10.


See price here


20. Cartwright & Butler Luxury Chocolate Chunk Biscuits


Retro looking biscuit tin with a picture of an old fashioned teapot on the front. These biscuits are from luxury biscuit brand Cartwright & Butler.


There’s nothing better than a cup of coffee and some biscuits on a winter’s afternoon. Let’s face it, Cartwright & Butler make delicious biscuits, from salted caramel to strawberry and white chocolate, plus many more.


We have decided to list an all-time favourite, the Chocolate Chunk biscuits. This tin contains 10 sweet and crumbly biscuits that melt in your mouth. Perfect when paired with a lovely cup of coffee or tea. Biscuits are nice all-year-round, but Cartwright & Butler make a luxury treat during the winter season!


The stunning tin can be used for storing other sweet treats after the biscuits have been demolished (which shouldn’t take long at all).


Find Cartwright & Butler on Amazon


Luxury Coffee Gifts


From fancy coffee machines, to huge Christmas hampers, Daily Barista have collected the best-quality coffee gifts and listed them below.


21. De’Longhi Magnifica Automatic Coffee Machine


Picture of the Magnifica Coffee Machine by De'Longhi.


The Magnifica is the ideal gift for that coffee-obsessed person in your life.


The De’Longhi Magnifica is a semi-automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine that will provide barista-style coffee from grinding the beans right down to heating up the perfect latte milk.


We won’t lie this is a higher-budget gift. However, it would make the perfect present for someone who is always in a coffee shop. Now they can enjoy quality coffee while at home and ultimately save money!


Check out our full De’Longhi bean-to-cup review to find out more about this coffee machine.


Premium coffee machine gift.


Check price on Amazon


22. The Festive Hamper Whittard of Chelsea

Huge festive gift hamper showing a large wicker basket which presents a number of festive treats, such as Christmas biscuits, teas and coffee. Plus a bottle of fizz! Ground coffee, tea bags and chocolate covered coffee beans are scattered around the photo for presentation purposes.

This festive hamper from Whittard of Chelsea includes all you need to say Merry Christmas to a loved one.


The luxury hamper includes a range of festive drinks, including (of course) coffee! Indulge in Christmas pudding biscuits, Christmas tea and other sweet treats. Plus, there is a bottle of Furleigh Estate English Brut to get you feeling merry and bright!


There’s nothing like a selection of snacks, hot drinks and bubbly to make the Christmas season extra special.


This hamper is among the high-end gift range.


Click here for price


23. Bodum Chambord Copper 3 Cup French Press

Photo of BODUM copper cafetiere.

A French press is a classic coffee maker – affordable, simple and effective.


The BODUM Chambord French press is modern, high-standard and makes up to 3 cups of coffee. It uses heat resistant borosilicate glass and a three-part stainless steel filter (making it more sustainable). Plus, it has a leak protection safety lid.


Not only would this copper French press make a stylish gift for your favourite coffee lover, but it would also be a practical one.


Classy coffee maker under £30.


View on Amazon


24. Sage Barista Express Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine


Photo of the Barista Express coffee machine from Sage.


If you are looking for a gift for the ultimate coffee lover, then look no further, the Barista Express is the one.


It is a premium bean-to-cup coffee machine, and it comes with a premium price tag. But it is worth it!


Sage takes you ‘from beans to espresso in under a minute’ with this classy machine. Or with a little more time, you could make a large variety of coffee shop drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and more.


The Barista Express has dose control grinding, precise temperature and a high-powered steam wand to create hot frothy milk.


Turn your loved one’s kitchen into a café with this premium coffee gift.


View price on Amazon


25. La Cafetière Barcelona Espresso Cups and Saucers


Picture showing three espresso cups with matching saucers.


If you’re planning on buying a coffee machine as a gift, or know someone with an espresso machine already, then a new set of espresso cups would go with it nicely.


These retro blue espresso cups hold 100ml and will make a great addition to someone’s kitchen. They come in a pack of three with matching saucers and are microwave and dishwasher safe.


La Cafetière is a well-known brand in the coffee community. They have many other coffee products and gifts that you can browse. Plus, you could collect the La Cafetière Barcelona collection, which includes more products in the retro blue colour.


Ideal gift for espresso lovers.


See price here


You’ve reached the end of the gift guide.


Now hopefully you aren’t too overwhelmed with options. We have covered quirky coffee gifts, ideas for those on a budget and we’ve taken a look at premium options as well.


We hope you have found the perfect gifts for your coffee-loving friends and family.



Don’t forget to check out our other blogs and our Instagram if you enjoy coffee too!

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