UK Coffee Week October 2020


It is time for the coffee community and coffee lovers to come together and raise funds which can change lives


Photo showing the UK Coffee Week logo.


If you didn’t have an excuse to drink coffee before, well you do now.


Today commences the start of UK Coffee Week 2020 – a week where every coffee counts!


Founded in 2011, UK Coffee Week has been working hard to raise funds for their charity Project Waterfall, as they aim to bring clean water, sanitation and education to coffee-growing communities around the world.


The week-long fundraiser, was initially put on hold due to COVID-19. Now it is finally here, with innovative ways to add a burst of hope in a year that has been difficult for so many.


The UK Coffee Week is currently running from 19/10/2020 to 25/10/2020.


During this week, many coffee shops, coffee roasters, other reputable retailers and brands come together to celebrate the coffee community and raise funds for Project Waterfall.


785-million people across the globe are in crises as they don’t have access to clean water. Many of these people live in rural areas, the same areas that are home to coffee-growing communities. Growing coffee that is enjoyed by us.


That is why UK Coffee Week are working hard and encouraging everyone (especially coffee lovers) to get involved and support coffee-growing communities across the globe.


To date, UK Coffee Week has raised over £750,000 and changed thousands of lives! They are currently supporting Project Waterfall and WaterAid to help solve the water crises in Ethiopia.


This week, there are plenty of ways we can all get involved and educate ourselves about the industry that we love.


Several popular UK brands, cafés and restaurants are getting involved this week. Join in with raffles and prize competitions, or donate online. Plus, find out if your favourite coffee shop is getting involved as donating could be as simple as buying your daily coffee!


Visit UK Coffee Week for more information and to find out how and why you should get involved.


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