De’Longhi Caffe Corso Review


Automatic coffee settings with an integrated bean hopper and manual steam wand

Information about this affordable bean-to-cup coffee machine from De’Longhi



If you are looking for an automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine that is within your budget, then you’ve come to the right place.


We are reviewing the Caffe Corso ESAM 2800, which has automatic coffee settings but can be customised to suit your specific taste preferences.


Plus, you can create hot frothy milk for cappuccinos and lattes, with the manual steam wand.

Image of the Caffe Corso coffee machine from De'Longhi


De’Longhi ESAM 2800 Overview


This is an ideal coffee machine for first-time bean-to-cup buyers. It is smack bang in the middle of the affordable range, while offering a variety of functions, drink choices and option for customisation.


Enjoy a range of coffee shop favourites such as espresso, americano, latte, latte macchiato and cappuccino!


Pros and cons


This machine offers a lot of benefits for first-time bean-to-cup owners, it is affordable, automatic but still allows room for customisation.


One of the biggest downfalls that come with many lower-priced bean-to-cup coffee machines, is the boiler function.


Lower budget machines don’t tend to include a dual boiler (separate boilers for brewing coffee and making milk). This means that if you want to heat up milk with the steam wand and then make the coffee, the machine will be too hot and you may have to wait for it to cool down first.


So it can be helpful to brew the coffee prior to steaming any milk.



  • One-touch drink option.

  • Integrated grinder.

  • Good steam wand to froth milk to your desired texture!

  • Brewing unit removes for easy cleaning.

  • Easy to use.


  • It is a loud machine when in use.

  • The outer product is made from plastic.

  • It can overheat when preparing multiple drinks, so you might have to wait between making drinks.

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Break down of the De’Longhi Caffe Corso and its functions


The ESAM 2800 has all you need for a decent bean-to-cup coffee experience. It is simple to use and produces a good quality tasting cup of coffee.


Below we have listed what the Caffe Corso can do for you:


Labled image of the Caffe Corso, affordable De'Longhi machine

A.     Integrated bean grinder – holds up to 200g of fresh coffee beans. There is a dial in the bean hopper that allows you to adjust the fineness of your coffee grind for perfect taste.


Next to the bean hopper is a small compartment that takes ground coffee if preferred.


B.      Coffee spout – this is where your coffee is extracted for espressos and other drinks. Just behind this compartment is the extraction brewing unit, which can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Plus, there is an option for one or two cups of coffee here!


C.      Drip tray – keeps spillages at bay and can also be removed for rinsing and cleaning.


D.     Cup shelf – for storing mugs and cups.


E.      Removable water tank – pulls out from the side for easy access (holds 1.8 litres).


F.       Steam wand (cappuccino maker) – for frothing milk to desired texture. The outer cover enables milk to be frothed to ideal cappuccino consistency. It should be removed and cleaned after each use.


Labelled image of the Caffe Corso bean-to-cup coffee machine from De'Longhi

G.     Coffee amount – short, standard or long. This can be adjusted to suit your preferences.


H.      Power button.

Note: each time the machine is turned off it carries out an automatic rinse cycle.


I.      One cup button – makes one coffee. Also, the light on this button flashes to indicate that the machine is heating up.


J.     Two cups button – makes two coffees. This light also flashes as the machine heats up.


K.      Steam button – used to select the steam function. The light will show when the temperature is okay for steam to be used.


L.       This light indicates that there is no water in the tank.


M.     This light indicates that the coffee grounds container is full (in which case it will need emptying).


N.     General warning light.


O.     Rinsing or descaling button. When the light flashes, it is time to descale your machine.


P.      Eco button – energy-saving mode.


Q.      Steam wand operator – use this dial to work the steam wand/cappuccino maker or to use water.


How much does it cost to buy and maintain this machine?


The De’Longhi Caffe Corso is a great choice for coffee enthusiasts that are on a smaller budget but still want a machine with decent bean-to-cup functions.


The initial cost of this machine is around £249-£349.


After buying the machine, the upkeep cost will be fairly minimal, depending on your coffee preference. Keep in mind that you will need to budget for coffee beans, milk (if you want lattes and cappuccinos) and descaling products.


So, what have we learnt?


This machine has a lot of great functions and makes a decent cup of coffee.


The ESAM 2800 doesn’t have the best technology and due to the boiler system, it can take a little longer to make multiple drinks or change from steaming milk to extracting coffee. Although with a little practice you can find a routine that works well for you.


It is also one of the loudest bean-to-cup coffee machines we have seen. This is to be expected with any machine that includes an integrated coffee bean grinder.


In all, this machine offers good value for money. So, if you are looking for a machine that is affordable, then the Caffe Corso is a great choice. Check out our coffee machine reviews for more information and other great machines.


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