De’Longhi Magnifica Bean-to-Cup Review


External steam wand for manually frothing milk

Useful information about a popular De’Longhi bean-cup machine

Picture showing the Magnifica coffee machine from De'Longhi

Affordable, compact and fully adaptable for you to make a range of your favourite coffee shop drinks. The De’Longhi Magnifica bean-to-cup machine has all you need to be able to brew and enjoy a good cup of coffee – quickly and effortlessly.

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Overview of the Magnifica


This machine is one of the most popular bean-to-cup machines on the market and is ideal for someone who is looking for their first bean-to-cup machine.


It has many great features which takes the confusion out of professional coffee making, such as automated and easy-to-use controls. Yet, you can still customise your own drinks with settings that allow you to choose your preferred coffee taste and an external steam wand for heating milk.


Pros and cons of the Magnifica by De’Longhi


  • Automated but fully adjustable settings to make things easy for you while suiting your preferences.
  • The steam wand allows you a bit more control over the machine to create your favourite coffee shop drinks.

  • Integrated grinder.

  • Front-loading water tank, which is really easy to access and fill up when needed.

  • Easy-cleaning functions.

  • You can brew two coffees at once!


  • It can be loud when in use, as most bean-to-cup machines are.

  • The material of this machine is primarily plastic. Although this doesn’t affect its performance in any way, it can be less appealing to some.

  • Doesn’t warn you when you are out of beans.

Breakdown of the Magnifica and its functions


This De’Longhi bean-to-cup machine has many features which can be beneficial for coffee lovers that require something quick and easy to deliver their daily coffee.


Firstly, when the machine is turned on, it will automatically do a self-clean. This means that water is pumped through the pipes to clean them out. It doesn’t take long and makes things easier for you in terms of cleaning. This process is also repeated as the machine automatically turns off or when you press the off button. When this clean cycle is in process, all water and excess waste will go into the drip tray.


A tip to prevent you from needing to empty/clean the drip tray too often is to place a cup under the machine at the beginning and end of each use and just wash that out after.


There are plenty of alert signals which will tell you when the machine has run out of coffee beans or water.


One of the top aspects of this machine is its simplicity. Each process, from inserting coffee beans to creating espressos and frothing milk, flows effortlessly to the next and the features are easy to use.


For those that want to understand the machine a little more as well as learn its core functions, we have zoomed in on the machine and given a detailed description of what the De’Longhi Magnifica has to offer:

image of the Magnifica De'Longhi coffee maker

A.     This button will make a single espresso.


B.      This button will create a double espresso (ideal for those mornings when you need a little extra boost!).


C.      Steam function button.


D.     This dial allows you to select the coffee quantity, choose from short, standard or long.


E.      This dial allows you to choose your coffee taste (i.e. it will determine how the coffee is ground). Choose from mild, standard or long. However, you can also use pre-ground coffee in this machine (bonus).


F.      This dial activates the hot water function or the steam wand which will allow you to heat up the milk to your preference.


G.     This is the steam wand. It has a protective attachment to help you use it without burning yourself. Also, on the right-hand side of this machine (behind the steam wand) is a fully removable water tank for easy cleaning and descaling access.


H.     This is where your coffee will be extracted from. There is an integrated coffee bean grinder on this machine, which makes things much simpler. Once the beans are ground, they go straight through the machine to be extracted for espressos. This means there is no faffing around with group handles or trying to get the right dose of coffee – it’s all-in-one!


P.S. The coffee dispenser is fully adjustable which means it can accommodate for whatever size cup you decide to use!


I.        Drip tray to collect spillages and keep things tidy.

image of the Magnifica by De'Longhi

J.     This light is used to indicate when there is no water left in the water tank or if the water tank isn’t there.


K.      This light indicates that the grounds container is not in its place or if it is full.


L.      This light indicates a general warning/alarm.


M.     The light on this button is to indicate when the machine needs descaling. The button itself is used to select descaling or rinsing of the machine.


N.      This ‘ECO’ button is used to select the energy-saving mode and the light on this button shows when the machine is in energy-saving mode.

How much is it going to cost to buy and then maintain this machine?


The De’Longhi Magnifica bean-to-cup coffee machine has all that you require to make great tasting coffee at such ease, and the price tag reflects that at around £259 – £289.


You can check out a range of the best bean to cup coffee machine reviews on our homepage.


The only monthly costs of this machine will include any descaling tablets you may need and the products you desire to create your favourite drinks: such as milk preference, coffee beans and any flavouring you may wish to add.


So, what have we learnt?

With the integrated grinder and automated settings, it is easy for you to get a good cup of coffee with every use! This is the perfect bean-to-cup machine for first-timers, it is simple enough to use and has a few adjustable settings to help you customise your drinks.

If you are someone who wants great tasting coffee at a reasonable price, but you don’t want confusing machinery that is overly time-consuming, then click here to view the Magnifica.